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Help Smuggler's Cove Find Its Priceless Stolen Tiki Axe

It got ripped out of the wall by a very strong, possibly wasted thief.

The Missing Club
The Missing Club

Turns out the world of tiki is truly irresistible, at least as far as no-good thieves are concerned. Martin Cate of Smuggler's Cove has reported the theft of a one-of-a-kind tiki item, a hand-carved club that was made especially for the bar. Some rapscallion tore it off the wall, destroying the woven matting and several layers of sheet rock upon which it hung and clearly demonstrating the superhuman abilities brought on by flaming bowls of booze. This isn't the first time that Smuggler's Cove has been visited by a grabby guest— back in 2012, their beloved Tiki Bob mug was stolen from his shrine, never to be seen again.

Cate announced the theft via Facebook, where he asked friends and fans of the Cove to keep an eye out on eBay and pretty much anywhere, in hopes that the club will make its way home. Know anything about the club's whereabouts? Send an email to, or just return it.

Smuggler's Cove

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