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Watch Bar Tartine's Epic Family-Style Feast

Coast through the San Francisco restaurant in just sixty seconds.

Welcome back to 60 Second Tasting Menu, a series of fast-paced visual tours through the stunning, elaborate, and technically advanced menus currently on offer at restaurants around the country. This episode highlights Bar Tartine, a rustic, Eastern European-inspired neighborhood staple in San Francisco's Mission district. A favorite of the city, the restaurant from chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns "pushes boundaries and palates, with an emphasis on housemade everything." Here, watch an overview of the communal friends and family menu, priced at $76 a person.

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The Menu

Country, oat porridge and rye bread, seeded crackers
Liverwurst with hot mustard
Sauerkraut with green horseradish
Rainbow trout with creamed onions
Salami and mushrooms
Liptauer cheese dip
Cultured squash puree with sunchoke oil
Kefir butter in buttermilk
Aspic with nettle salad
Warm mushrooms with bone marrow
Beef tartare with tonnato sauce and bottarga
Black truffle broth with a poached egg

Smoked potatoes with black garlic and ramp mayonnaise
Kale with sunflower tahini, rye and yoghurt

Sprouted lentil croquettes with kefir and coriander
Black cod in green chili broth with collards and maitake mushrooms

Farmer’s cheesecake
Beet-honey terrine with parsnip sauce and bee pollen
Warm sweet potato cake with pecans and meringue
Stuffed dates

Bar Tartine

561 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 487 1600