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Beloved Dive Bar Lucky 13 Could Be Razed To Build Condos [UPDATED]

Say it ain't so.


Another depressing headline for lovers of San Francisco's increasingly endangered dive bars: according to Socketsite, plans have been submitted to the SF Planning Department to raze the tiny building that plays home to beloved popcorn-vending, punk-rock-blasting bar Lucky 13. As with the similarly endangered Elbo Room, these are just initial plans and nothing has been approved yet, but were they to pass in their current state, Lucky 13 and the parking lot next door would be bulldozed and replaced with a five-story building housing 31 condos and 1200 square feet of ground-floor commercial space. It would certainly be in keeping with the overall trend in Lucky 13's Upper Market neighborhood, where at least a half-dozen similar buildings have risen in the past two years.

This isn't the first time Lucky 13 has been threatened: plans submitted to the city in 2002 called for it to be knocked down to build 28 condos and an underground parking garage. The building was deemed a "historic resource," however, and the effort didn't go through. The bar is currently not answering their phone, so there's no word on whether the closure is official, or it's just a proposal. We'll keep you posted on any developments.

Update, 1:25 pm: Owner Martin Kraenkel has responded to word of the bar's closure on Facebook, saying "in the short term we are not going anywhere."

Lucky 13

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