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Woods' Girl Scout Cookie Beers Return Tomorrow, This Time With Badges

You can earn a Bay Area merit badge in Microclimates, Composting, Kale, and of course, Cookie Beer.

After last year's smashing success of their five-beer Girl Scout Cookie line, Woods Beer Co. is once again joining the troop with a second round of beers themed after everyone's favorite junior-entrepreneur sweets. Launching tomorrow, this year's Girl Scout Cookie beers are based on the same five classic formulas the brewery used last year: Samoale (a coconut-caramel-cocoa nib Belgian dubbel), Brew-ski-do (a peanut butter cream ale), Thick Mint (a peppermint-cocoa nib porter), Hopalong (a peanut butter-chocolate stout on nitro), and Beerfoil (a shortbread golden ale). The formulas, however, have been slightly tweaked; Thick Mint now uses a few different kinds of mint for a more intense flavor, while Beerfoil has been accented with a touch of vanilla bean. Each pint comes with its corresponding cookie; drink all five, and you'll get a special button commemorating the achievement. For the less ambitious, they're also offering a tasting flight.

As a special bonus for the second year of the promotion, Woods is also offering Girl Scout patches themed around Bay Area accomplishments. They're hand-making them on an embroidery machine, so they run a relatively pricey $25 a pop, but that's a small price to pay for your certification in such San Franciscan pastimes as Kale, Composting, Microclimates, Burrito Consumption, Brunch, and Latte Art. (Yes, there is also a Cookie Beer patch.) For those who'd rather imbibe at home, they're selling a six-pack of 22-ounce bottles containing each of the five flavors and their Morpho ale for $60, available in limited quantities.

The scout jamboree kicks off tonight with a 6 pm preview party at City Beer Store, where the bottles will also be for sale; they go on tap tomorrow at noon at Woods Polk Station and Cerveceria de MateVeza, and at 4 pm at Woods Oakland. Though Woods has brewed extra beer for this year's festivities and ordered over 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, the more popular flavors may not survive the weekend, so get there soon if you want to sample them. (Same goes for the Alembic, which has also brought back its Girl Scout Cookie cocktails for a second year.)

Here are some fun Instagrams of the Woods staff earning their merit badges:

And here's the full merit badge lineup:

Woods cookie beer badges