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Asian Box Knows It Has a Terrible Name, Thank You Very Much

But at least they have a sense of humor about it?


Asian Box knows you think their name is ridiculous, and they totally don't care. Having already been recognized by this site for their less-than-ideal moniker, they've now also been called out by Thrillist, which voted them #1 with a bullet on their list of the worst San Francisco restaurant names. (They also got #8 when Thrillist did the same list for LA.) But they appear to be taking these victories in stride, at least judging by a Facebook comment they made on the SF list:

Asian Box Facebook

If you are among those who like a little Asian Box, the burgeoning chain can be found in the basement food court of Macy's in Union Square.

Asian Box

2031 Chestnut Street, , CA 94123 (415) 288-3688 Visit Website