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Alton Brown Is Behind You Right Now, Drinking A Bloody Mary

The ebullient science nerd is eating and touring for one day only in San Francisco

Alton Brown at Mazarine Coffee
Alton Brown at Mazarine Coffee
Carolyn Alburger

Alton Brown, of Good Eats and Cutthroat Kitchen fame, will pull off his ninety-ninth show in his Edible Inevitable Tour tonight. And it's happening in San Francisco. We caught up with Brown at Mazarine Coffee this morning to find out where he's going to eat for the next few hours. But the ebullient Brown ended up sharing way more than that. From farting puppets to the most transcendent donut in the country, here are the top takeaways:

1) There are two major science demonstrations at all of the Edible Inevitable shows and Brown is tight lipped about the details. "One involves extreme cold and one involves extreme heat," he said. "I make a gallon of ice cream in ten seconds — faster than liquid nitrogen."

2) Brown is a big fan of Dottie's True Blue Cafe in San Francisco. In fact, he's sipping on a Bloody Mary there as we write. If you want to tell him what else to eat today, you can hit him up on the social threads at #ABRoadEatsSanFran.

3) Brown's go-to takeout order after a show in San Francisco is from Slanted Door — specifically the spring rolls, Manila clams, gau choy gow and cellophane noodles.

4) He isn't exactly unwinding over that shaking beef: Brown does prep for the following show after each show at night.

5) The average number of people at an Alton Brown performance is 1729, but Brown says the sweet spot is 2500. There are still a few tickets left for tonight's affair at the Golden Gate Theater in San Francisco.

6) Other fun facts: The performance opens with a rap. There are "burping and farting puppets."

7) Brown's favorite pizza is from Fong's in Des Moines, IA. It's a pizza spot and tiki bar that took over an old Chinese takeout joint. "The mac and cheese jalapeno pizza and some blue drink in a tiki mug — that's what made me start to put on weight again."

8) Sign of the times: Brown said that he's only going to produce for the web from now on — no more TV. "Over the past five years, the TV audience has been trained to expect reality television," he said. "Instructional television makes so much more sense online."

9) Brown's hall of fame donut? "At Gibson's in Memphis they'll throw a donut at you when you walk in the door. It lands on your hand and it's so light you can't even feel it. Then you eat it and it's like a religious experience."

10) Brown's road tour will be back in 2016 but it will be different, naturally. This year's tour culminates with a week on Broadway. By then, Edible Inevitable will have shown in 100 cities.

The Slanted Door

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Dottie's True Blue Cafe

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Mazarine Coffee

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