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San Francisco Glows in the Dark; Fact-Checking the Case of the 315% Bernal Rent Hike

The week's best real estate and neighborhood news from our sister site, Curbed SF.

Vincent Laforet

BERNAL HEIGHTS—After Curbed went live with a story detailing a Bernal Heights tenant's surprising—yet surprisingly legal—sudden rent hike of more than $6,700, the Internet blew up, then blew up all over again when it came to light that the tenant was also running an Airbnb. To keep all the facts straight, we made this master timeline of the battle brewing in Bernal. Hold your judgments till you read it, please.

SAN FRANCISCO—Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet took a helicopter 7,200 feet above SF to snap these stunning shots of the city aglow, our crazy street grid, and, of course, Karl.

SoMa—The smallest condo for sale in San Francisco is a mere 291 square feet. Think of it as a large walk-in closet, but with a bay window.

MISSION—Over the years, Mission residents Danny and Steve have filled their Edwardian with awesome castoffs from San Francisco's past. Oh, and they have a chair on the ceiling.

SAN FRANCISCO—Want to keep up with plans filed in your neighborhood? This handy new map makes it easy. Allow us to demo it for you.

MISSION BAY—For the first time, a new batch of (work-in-progress) renderings of the Warriors Arena zooms in up close so we can get a look at the street level.

SAN FRANCISCO—Here's what $3,500/month rents you around town.

SOUTH BEACH—Billionaires turned off by the excesses of rising condo tower Lumina's $49 million penthouse will definitely want to check out this much more understated $29 million model.