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Pabu Now Serving Up $27 Foie Gras Old Fashioneds

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For those occasions when you need to drink your goose liver.

Kevin McCullough/Mina Group

Although a few Michelin-starred local chefs have some complicated feelings about foie gras, Michael Mina's FiDi Japanese spot Pabu is just going right out there and infusing the fatty goose liver into your whiskey.

The FoieFashioned, as they're calling it, is based around Japanese Nikka Coffey grain whisky that is cold-infused with the rendered fat of the foie gras. The foie fat and whisky combination is allowed to chill in the walk-in for 48 hours before the fat is removed and the bar is left with a homemade foie-tinged spirit. Orange bitters, chocolate bitters and kumquat simple syrup round out the cocktail, and the whole thing is served over a ball of ice with a garnish of foie gras torchon and a bit of kumquat.

Naturally, the drink doesn't come cheap: even his honor Mr. Bauer was surprised to find out it clocked in at a hefty $27. So drinking your foie will actually cost you five dollars more than the restaurant's small plate of seared Hudson Valley foie. A rep from Mina Group tells Eater the drink was originally created as part of their Down the Hatch rotating monthly cocktail deal, but it has been so popular—and because diners can never seem to resist the lure of frankenfoods—they're considering keeping it on the cocktail list beyond the end of March.


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