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Blaze Pizza Debuts at Stonestown Tomorrow, With Free Pies For All

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The two most beautiful words in the English language: "Free pizza."

Blaze Pizza/Instagram

The DIY fast-casual pizza movement has officially arrived in SF with tomorrow's debut of Blaze Pizza at the Stonestown Galleria. Owned by the couple behind mall staple Wetzel's Pretzels (and boasting an investor roster that includes LeBron James and Maria Shriver), the burgeoning chain is hoping to take the crown in the race to become the "Chipotle of pizza," allowing customers to craft their own pies with a variety of sauces, toppings, and cheeses (including gluten-free crusts and vegan cheese), then baking them up in three minutes flat. The 90-seat spot is housed in Stonestown's former Williams-Sonoma, and the new buildout includes a 24-seat patio and a beer and wine license.

To promote their debut, Blaze is giving away whole pizzas all day tomorrow to anyone who follows them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Just show proof of your social-media devotion at the counter, and the pie is on them. The promotion runs tomorrow from 11 am-11 pm, and a rep says they're eager to break their previous record for free pies (which currently stands at 1,773 given out in a single day).

Blaze Pizza

3251-20th Avenue, San Francisco, CA (415) 212-6282 Visit Website