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A Midcentury Furniture Catalog Springs to Life; Totally Trashed House Nabs $1.21M; The Biggest Sale of the Year

The week's best real estate and neighborhood news from our sister site, Curbed SF.

Patricia Chang

INNER SUNSET—Like a midcentury furniture catalog come to life, this oak-paneled one-bedroom is ready to sell you on the modern conveniences of 1960.

OUTER SUNSET—WTF moment of the week: Someone totally trashed this Ocean Beach house, then listed it for $799K. It just sold for a mind-boggling $1.21 million.

BAY AREA—This is brilliant: A pair of ad guys tweaked the pretty billboards of Apple's iPhone 6 ads by turning the campaign into a feast of awkward selfies.

SAN FRANCISCO—In tribute to Looking's exeunt stage right from San Francisco, we mapped 20 locations from season two.

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—The year's biggest sale is the nearly $24 million purchase of the Queen Anne mega-Victorian owned by former Pacific Stock Exchange chair Doug Engmann.

SAN FRANCISCO—Which prompted us to update our map of the top 25 most expensive homes for sale in the city. Hint: There's been a shakeup at the top.

PRESIDIO—Landscape starchitect James Corner—of High Line fame—is at work on a new landscape in the Presidio. Here's a guide to the three schemes he just presented.

SAN FRANCISCO—Are you a terrible, horrible person? Good! Then you'll have no trouble submitting suggestions for Curbed's crowdsourced, San Francisco-themed expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity.