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San Francisco Will Appear on Bar Rescue, Best Bars in America This Week

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A double dose of televised SF drinking.

San Francisco's time in the televised mixology spotlight has arrived, as both Spike TV's Bar Rescue and Esquire Network's Best Bars in America will be featuring local watering holes this week. The first of the two episodes to air will be Bar Rescue (preview above; episode airs Sunday, March 29 at 9 pm), in which the show's bar-management experts take on the four fiesty Irish sisters who run Embarcadero Center's The Holding Company. (Spoiler alert: Thanks to their handiwork, it's now an Americana-themed bar called the Patriot House, which is probably not what the daughters of Erin had in mind.)

Meanwhile, Best Bars in America shows the brighter side of SF drinking by going on an outright bender, stopping in at 15 Romolo, Wilson and Wilson, Bourbon & Branch, Li Po Lounge, Comstock Saloon, Absinthe, and Trou Normand in the space of one 42-minute episode. They also tour St. George Spirits in Alameda, and visit the Benziger winery in Sonoma with Nat Faxon, co-star of the FX show Married. The episode airs this Wednesday, April 1, at 9 pm. Here are some clips of their trips to Li Po and Comstock: