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Pete Kane Is the New Food Critic at the SF Weekly

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If you see him, hold the mayo.

The SF Weekly has been hemorrhaging staff over the past few months, and food critic Anna Roth was among those who decided to jump ship. However, there's now some happy news for fans and followers of the city's remaining alt-weekly: they've hired a new food critic. Pete Kane, who freelanced for the Weekly's SFoodie blog for many years, will be joining the paper as its new Arts Editor, and among his responsibilities will be managing SFoodie and writing the weekly restaurant review in the paper. Unlike Roth (and Michael Bauer), he won't be trying to maintain anonymity: the paper published his photo along with his introductory post.

Kane, who's also written for the likes of The Bold Italic, says he's "100% thrilled" about the new gig. Before becoming a writer, he worked as a barista, bartended for Bi-Rite and made ice cream at Humphry Slocombe, so he also knows his way around the kitchen. Local restaurants, be forewarned: he says he's "not the biggest fan" of cantaloupe, hefeweizens, bananas, and especially, mayonnaise. So if you see the face above at your table, hold the mayo.