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Lyft Driver Style; Saint Laurent Expands; FAMSF’s Oscar de la Renta Retrospective; More!

The week's best fashion and retail news from our sister site, Racked SF.

Kim Lucian

UNION SQUARE— The Saint Laurent Paris store in Union Square is finally expanding to include women’s apparel and accessories.

SOMA— How do boutique fitness businesses strike a balance between ClassPass and community? We turn to Avant-Barre’s Nini Gueco to find out.

MISSION— Local designer Melissa Fleis has swapped San Francisco for LA’s Studio City because being an artist in San Francisco is increasingly impractical.

FILLMORE— Juicy News, the Pac Heights newsstand that carries a killer selection of international fashion magazines, is moving to Cow Hollow this month.

EVERYWHERE— This gel will fix your face in less than, two days, so stop picking at that zit already.

DIFFERENT PLACES— One-third of Lyft drivers are women who wear clothes. Let’s talk about those outfits.

GOLDEN GATE PARK— The High Style exhibit at the Legion of Honor is still a week away, but FAMSF has already announced next year’s fashion showstopper: An Oscar de la Renta retrospective.

SAN FRANCISCO— There are 30 people in San Francisco who work on Kim Kardashian’s game app. Let that sink in.

COW HOLLOW— Sugarfina might be heading to Union Street.