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Belcampo's Bone Broth Cocktails Will Nourish and Intoxicate

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The bone broth-based cocktails are part of Belcampo's new cocktail menu, set to launch March 12.

Bone Broth Hot Toddy
Bone Broth Hot Toddy
Belcampo Meat Co

The growing bone broth trend continues to pick up speed across the country. Now the cult-followed liquid is merging with the already booming cocktail-craze. That's right bone broth cocktails are on the menu — specifically at Belcampo Meat Co.'s location on Polk Street. The new spring cocktail menu will launch Thursday, March 12, featuring drinks from Jon Gasparini and Greg Lindgren (15 Romolo, Rosewood, Rye). 

There is a hot toddy made with bone broth, Amontillado sherry, Calabrian chile, sage, rosemary and lemon zest, and a bloody Mary riff made with bone broth, organic tomato, barley spirit and spices. Also: six cocktails sans broth. See the full list below.

Belcampo Spritz

Belcampo House Blended Aperitivo, Prosecco, Soda, Orange Slice

Polka Dot

Byyrh, Juniper Vermouth, Manzanilla, Orange Bitters

The Rock

Cardamaro, Chinato, Barrel Aged Bitters, Orange Twist

Escape from Alcatraz

Cardamaro, Sutton Cellars Vermouth, Aromatic Bitters, Lemon Twist

Shim's Cup

Blend of aromatized dry white wines, Punt E Mes, Cardamom, Coriander, Bitters, Cucumber, Ginger, Seltzer

Boney Mary

Barley Spirit, Organic Tomato, Bone Broth, Shotgun Sauce, Horseradish, Lemon, Black Pepper & Spices

Bone Broth Toddy (served hot)

Belcampo Bone Broth, Amontillado Sherry, Shotgun Sauce, Calabrian Chile, Sage, Rosemary Sprig, Lemon Zest

Shim Shandy

Pilsner topped with Capelletti Aperitivo, Grapefruit & Twist


855 El Camino Real Bldg 5, Palo Alto, CA 94301 (650) 561-3492