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The Chairman's Brick and Mortar Opens Monday in the Tenderloin

The popular steamed buns truck is finally rolling into their long-awaited brick and mortar space on Larkin Street.

The rolling version at Civic Center
The rolling version at Civic Center
The Chairman/Facebook

A full year after the announcement that truck-about-town The Chairman (née Chairman Bao) would be adding a brick and mortar space, owner Curtis Lam tells Eater the kitchen will be soft opening for business on Monday, April 13th.

The space has actually been home to the Chairman for awhile now, having previously served as the truck's commissary kitchen. After a year or so of renovations, the 900-square-foot space now features 15 counter seats, but won't differ too much from the truck experience with a quick, counter service model.

What the new space offers, besides a fixed location, is an expanded menu of steamed and baked buns, plus new items like rice bowls, gluten-free options and noodle salads. According to Inside Scoop, the new dishes include noodles made from sweet potato starch, yuzu koshu chicken wings and fries topped with togarashi and seaweed seasoning. To wash it all down, Lam and company will be making fruit sodas in-house with flavors like cinnamon and black currant, pink guava, passion fruit and toasted coriander.

After some friends-and-family meals this weekend, the Chairman officially soft opens for lunch and dinner on Monday, April 13th. The days and hours are flexible at the start while the kitchen works out any potential kinks, but expect things to be regular in about 2-3 weeks, when hours are daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.