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Joe Biden Ate A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Today [UPDATE]

The vice president was spotted in San Francisco Friday at The Melt in Embarcadero Center.

The Melt/twitter

We've received multiple, confirmed reports that Vice President Joe Biden probably ate a grilled cheese sandwich on Friday. [Note: see update below] The V.P.'s motorcade arrived to 1 Embarcadero Center around 12:30 p.m. and let Biden loose at The Melt on Sacramento and Front Streets.

At press time Eater was unable to confirm whether or not Biden ordered a grilled cheese, which the restaurant is known for, or a hamburger, which have recently appeared on the restaurant's menu (and Biden has also been known to enjoy). It is, however, National Grilled Cheese day this weekend, so we're hoping he did his patriotic duty. No word yet on whether he chose to "fancy up" any hypothetical grilled cheese with a tomato or perhaps a slice of bacon.

UPDATE: The Melt confirms that Biden did, in fact, order a grilled cheese sandwich: a "Vice Presidential Special" classic grilled cheese with tomato, tomato basil soup and a chocolate shake.

The Melt

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