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Promising Fake In-N-Outs Remains Everyone's Favorite April Fools' Prank

It happened in both SF and Berkeley yesterday.


Some April Fools' pranks are actually awesome (margaritas and donkey photo-ops!), some are totally goofy (bone-broth boba tea!), and some are just outright mean. In the latter category: the continued false promise of new locations of In-N-Out Burger, which is becoming a prank so popular that it's bordering on cliche.

The first false promise of animal-style goodness comes from UC Berkeley's own Daily Californian, which decided to riff on the In-N-Out Berkeley prank someone already played last year by proclaiming that a location of the chain was on its way to the campus' under-construction Lower Sproul Plaza. Scroll to the end of their article, however, and you'll be greeted with a "happy April Fools' day."

But the real prize for cruelty definitely goes to someone with a lot of funds and a lot of spare time in the Mission, who decided to plaster the boarded-up vacant space next to the Elbo Room with the sign below:

Gotta be April Fools. In the Mission?!!

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You'd think with all this grassroots interest in punking local fans of In-N-Out, the cult chain would finally start moving forward on plans to open some urban Bay Area locations beyond the lone, sorry outpost in Fisherman's Wharf. But alas, we will still have to road-trip for our Double-Doubles. At least Alameda is finally getting an In-N-Out in the next month or two.