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Marlowe Burger Is Now Dishing Out Fast-Casual Burgers on Townsend

The Marlowe/Park Tavern burger now has its own quick-service restaurant.

If you're wondering about the spray-painted sign outside the former home of Marlowe on Townsend Street, it hasn't been defaced: it's just part of the on-a-dime revamp that's transformed the first restaurant from Anna Weinberg, Jennifer Puccio, and James Nicholas into Marlowe Burger, a fast-casual burger spot serving the much-loved patty they perfected there. The Marlowe burger, a longtime contender for the title of SF's best and a particular favorite of Michael Bauer, has only grown its reputation since then, making it onto the menus at sister restaurants Park Tavern and The Cavalier, then traveling with Marlowe to its new location on Brannan after the original building on Townsend was set to be razed. But with the construction delayed for another couple of years, Marlowe's landlord offered to let the trio keep the space, and they've now done a quick makeover to transform it into a casual spot centered around the burger.

The menu at Marlowe Burger is simple: the burger (also available in a kids' version), a crispy chicken sandwich with Caesar aioli and bacon, chicken nuggets, and a deviled egg salad sandwich. You can accompany your burger with fries, mixed greens, or a deviled egg, and throw in one of Emily Luchetti's chocolate-chocolate cookies or blondies for dessert. There are four local craft brews (including a cider) in cans, and red, white, or rosé wine to drink, as well as some swanky sodas.

Given the concentration of tech offices in the area, Marlowe Burger should be more or less a hit from the jump, especially with the added boost of Giants fans pregaming or bringing takeout to AT&T Park. Hours are Monday, 11 am-3 pm, Tuesday-Friday, 11 am-9 pm, and Saturday, 5-10 pm.

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