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More Tartine Bombshells: Bar Tartine Sold, Heath Getting a Tartine Ice-Cream Shop

Expect Tartine fare at your local Blue Bottle by 2015's end.


The SF food world is still reeling from this morning's crazy news that Tartine has merged with Blue Bottle Coffee, and has plans to open L.A. and New York outposts posthaste. But what does that mean for the hometown crowd? Well, for starters, you'll be seeing a lot more of each company's products at their respective locations: Blue Bottle will replace Four Barrel as the house brew at Tartine Bakery and Tartine's forthcoming Heath Ceramics restaurant, The Manufactory, while Tartine products will fill the pastry cases at Blue Bottle cafes by the end of this year, with plans for savory offerings at some of Blue Bottle's more fully equipped outposts by 2016. And Tartine continues to plan a big remodel and expansion for its original Mission location, which will kick off after The Manufactory finds its sea legs.

The shakeup also extends to Bar Tartine, which is parting ways with the rest of the group: Chad Robertson and Elizabeth Prueitt will be selling it to chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns, who have been running it for the past several years. Robertson told Inside Scoop that Balla and Burns plan to rename the award-winning restaurant, and will shake up its culinary offerings. And there's more exciting news for the Heath Ceramics project as well: the New York Times reports that Tartine plans to open an ice-cream shop alongside The Manufactory, to be called Tartine Cookies and Cream and feature the company's first venture into housemade ice cream. (Presumably, the flavor list will include Blue Bottle coffee.) Expect that project to debut sometime in the fall; we'll keep you posted on all the other changes regarding Tartine and Blue Bottle as they come to light.

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