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The Winchester Mystery House to Add Full Restaurant, Booze, and Sleepovers

You may soon be able to spend a spooky night in San Jose.


A beloved San Jose tourist favorite, the Winchester Mystery House is set to get an upgrade in the next year, adding on a full restaurant and securing approval to serve alcohol throughout the property. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports that the kooky 160-room mansion, purportedly built by Sarah Winchester to confuse the ghosts of people killed by the guns her husband's family manufactured, will be opening its doors to people who want to spend the night on the property, with the pump house, caretaker's residence, and foreman's quarters targeted as potential sites for sleepovers.

As part of the revamped experience, the Winchester will also upgrade its tiny cafe into a full-service restaurant, and has secured the proper permits to allow for the serving of alcohol anywhere on the property. That will likely make it a beacon for Silicon Valley companies holding events, who've previously overlooked the Mystery House due to its lack of libations. The Winchester's owners have yet to comment on what guests can expect from the menu and the sleepovers; we'll add more details as they come through.

Of course, anyone choosing to receive bed and board at the Winchester may potentially have to contend with some crossover from the other side: the property is supposedly haunted by all kinds of ghosts (including Winchester herself), and has made appearances on both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventurers. But for those seeking a good scare, we imagine that'll be part of the appeal of spending the night.

Winchester Mystery House

525 South Winchester Boulevard, , CA 95128 (408) 247-2101 Visit Website

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