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Aaron Franklin Announces Dates For His San Francisco Barbecue Pop-Up

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Get your clicking fingers ready: tickets go on sale Friday.

Ryan Schierling

Everybody panic: pitmaster extraordinaire Aaron Franklin of Austin's renowned Franklin Barbecue has announced the dates for his hotly anticipated San Francisco pop-up, and tickets are going on sale this Friday. For $130 a head, a lucky group of diners will get to hang out with Franklin and Jordan Mackay, the SF-based co-author of his acclaimed new cookbook Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, on the loading dock of the Dogpatch's Magnolia Brewery and Smokestack. The duo will be dishing out 'cue over two nights, Saturday, May 9th and Sunday, May 10th, starting at 7 pm; a plate of barbecue (including Franklin's world-renowned brisket), two Magnolia beers, a copy of the book, and dessert are all included in the ticket price.

Ticket sales will launch on Franklin's Eventbrite page this Friday, April 24th at 9 am PDT, and though they're limited to just two per person, we imagine they will disappear more or less instantaneously. But compared to the three-hour waits BBQ aficionados regularly endure to get a seat at Franklin's Austin palace of brisket, an anxious 15 minutes hovering over a laptop is a small price to pay.

Magnolia Brewing Company

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