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Milk Tanker Drops 96,000 Lattes Worth of Milk on California Highway

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Nobody was seriously injured.

Sascha Burkhard/Shutterstock

Somewhere, someone is crying over 6,000 gallons of spilled milk (and 100 gallons of diesel fuel) that hit the pavement near Tomales Bay over the weekend— most likely the many oyster-guzzling tourists who were stuck in the resulting traffic jam.

Originally reported by KRON4,The tanker was traversing the winding roads of Highway 1 near Nick's Cove on Sunday morning (just a few miles North of popular Hog Island Oyster Company) when it failed to properly negotiate a turn and overturned. Luckily, no other cars were involved and the driver was transported to the hospital with only minor injuries.

Crews have been using "absorbent materials," (that is probably not Raisin Bran) to sop up the milky mess and ensure that none of the tainted moo juice makes it into the pristine waters of Tomales Bay. A separate tanker was able to recover the 4,000 gallons of milk that managed to survive the spill.

Hog Island Oyster Company Farm

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