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Local Company Making $89 Bow Ties Based on Trick Dog's Cocktails

Because this is the San Francisco we live in now.

Tasty Ties/Facebook

In case you're looking for fresh evidence as to whether or not San Francisco has reached peak Gilded Age, here's a solid check in the "yes" column: a startup is now selling a collection of bowties designed to perfectly match nine of Trick Dog's cocktails. As Forbes reports, the folks behind SF-based limited-edition bowtie vendor Tasty Ties have created a nine-bowtie offering patterned after various cocktails from the departed Pantone and record-album menus, including the beet-pink Pantone 7621, the tweedy Gypsy Tan, and the cool white Polar Bear. "Trick Dog's ingenuity and insatiable thirst for quality cocktails was the perfect catalyst for our experimentation into new bow tie fabrics, textures and design customizations," the company says in a statement. At a whopping $89 each, "we expect them to sell out within the next two months," co-founder Kevin Long tells Forbes.

Still breathing? Yeah, us neither.

Should you be interested in purchasing this fine neckwear, rest assured that it's American-made and arrives in a custom wood cigar box, complete with the recipe for the cocktail for which it's named. (Presumably, The Bon Vivants now have their ensembles for next month's James Beard Awards locked down.) And after the last dregs of the Trick Dog bowtie collection are drained, Tasty Ties has some lower-ABV offerings in mind: they're working on a line of bow ties for babies.

Trick Dog

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