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San Francisco May Be Getting Its Very First Ice Bar

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Minus5, which has outposts in NYC, Orlando, and Vegas, is coming our way.


Considering that pretty much the entire Northeast has been an ice bar for going on six months now, it's somewhat surprising that comparatively balmy San Francisco has never had an ice bar, which have become popular tourist attractions in both New York and Boston. But if Hoodline's digging is correct, the City by the Bay may very soon play host to a new outpost of Minus5 Ice Bar, an ice-bar mini-chain that has outposts in NYC, Vegas, and Orlando, and will now assuredly irritate environmentally conscious Californians by arriving in the midst of a major drought.

The appeal of the ice bar is a simple one: everything inside is made of ice, including the walls, the bar itself, and the glasses, and the luges are presumably built-in. Throw in some LED lights and a rotating selection of ice sculptures, and you have yourself a "Let It Go"-worthy frozen fantasy, complete with rentable parkas for you to wear as you drink. (Here's an Eater NY recap of a visit to Minus5 during their annual Shitshow Week, which pretty much sums up the kind of clientele these places attract.)

While the Hilton in Union Square, which would be Minus5's prospective location, is staying mum on the project, a rep for Minus5 confirmed to Hoodline that the chain is poised to sign a lease, and plans on opening their SF location before the end of the year. Since they already have a strong relationship with Hilton, which houses their NYC outpost, it seems like all that's left is to sign on the dotted line. Stay tuned for a Minus5 status update if and when the deal is officially done.

Hilton San Francisco Union Square

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