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Caviar Fastbite Promises Restaurant Food in As Little As Ten Minutes

Downtown office dwellers, rejoice.

Caviar Fastbite
Caviar Fastbite

Downtown office workers can say goodbye to the mediocre options that plague the downtown lunch scene, as Caviar is rolling out a new tech-driven food delivery offering, called Fastbite, in San Francisco.

Caviar, the delivery service acquired last year by Square, has based its business model on offering delivery from "the city's best restaurants," but most of the company's standard offerings can take up to an hour, and run a $5 delivery fee. Fastbite is intended to streamline deliveries by offering food that arrives in 10 minutes or less as little as 10 minutes to addresses in the Financial District and SoMa. With prices starting at $8 per meal, plus a flat $2.99 delivery fee, that puts Caviar squarely in competition with Sprig and Spoonrocket, which deliver for roughly the same price and in the same time frame (but cook all their own food, instead of sourcing from restaurants).

For the launch of Fastbite, Caviar has partnered with downtown lunch spots Il Cane Rosso, Kisu and Little Delhi to deliver curated meals, as well as popular menu items from existing partners like Little Chihuahua and Bite Me Sandwiches. Ordering can be accessed from the company's app; the Fastbite feature is currently only available for iOS, but will be rolled out to Android and the desktop version in short order.

Beginning today, Fastbite is available on weekdays for lunch from 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m. and dinner from 5:30-7:30 p.m. For now, service is limited to the Financial District and SoMa, but expect an expansion in the near future.

Update, 12:54 pm: Caviar has clarified that 10 minutes is the minimum, not the maximum, wait time for a delivery.