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Here's Who Bauer Added and Dropped From the Chron Top 100

There are some headscratchers in here.

Lazy Bear, which made the Top 100 this year.
Lazy Bear, which made the Top 100 this year.
Patricia Chang

Michael Bauer's Top 100 Restaurants have once again hit the scene, and though the full list remains under embargo for those who don't subscribe to (it'll be released to the public on Sunday), we went in and crunched the data on who got added and who got dropped. More than in past years, a surprisingly large number of Bauer favorites got bumped because they shuttered, while some other disappearances were plain old head-scratchers (most notably the removals of 3.5-starred Sons & Daughters, beloved-by-everyone-but-Bauer Bar Tartine and the list's only Thai spot, Lers Ros). Meanwhile, 17 newcomers made the grade, including such newly christened Bauer faves as Lazy Bear, Liholiho Yacht Club, The Progress, and Trick Dog. He even saw the light and included Atelier Crenn for the first time. Here's the full list of additions and removals, with links to relevant reviews and shutter notices, where possible.

Dropped from the Top 100

Abbot's Cellar [Closed in January.]

Amber India [Bauer didn't care for its service back in December 2013, but it still made the list last year; he didn't re-review it this year.]

Angele [He gave it a very strong three-star review in March 2014, so this one's a head-scratcher.]

Bar Tartine [Downgraded in August 2014 for high-acid food that caused "palate fatigue."]

Coco500 [Closed in July; replaced by Marlowe, which made the Top 100.]

El Paseo

Etoile at Domaine Chandon [Closed in December.]

Lers Ros

Local's Corner [Closed in November.]

Mateo's Cocina Latina [Bauer hated the service, which he thought required "the patience of Job."]

One Market [He mentioned service was "squirrely" in a January tweet.]


Ragazza [No longer shares co-billing with sister restaurant Gialina; Bauer still likes its pizza but tweeted in January that "other dishes disappointed."]

Solbar [It "still seems to be settling in" after its recent renovation, Bauer said in March.]

Sons & Daughters [The biggest head-scratcher on the list: Bauer upgraded it to 3.5 stars in March 2013, and it hasn't been reviewed since, so it still technically holds that rating. He also had nothing negative to say in a January tweet.]


St. Vincent [Underwent an October chef shuffle that Bauer apparently wasn't into.]

Town Hall [Another mystery: Bauer gave it three stars in December 2013, calling it "as good or better than when it opened."]

Added to the Top 100

Al's Place [Newcomer; earned 2.5 stars.]

Atelier Crenn [Upgraded to 3.5 stars in November.]

The Commissary [Newcomer; earned 2.5 stars.]

The Dock at Linden Street [Newcomer; earned 3 stars.]

Kokkari Estiatorio [Regained its 3 stars in January.]

Kusakabe [Newcomer; earned 3.5 stars.]

Lazy Bear [Newcomer; earned 3.5 stars.]

Liholiho Yacht Club [Newcomer; earned 3 stars.]

Molina [Newcomer; earned 3 stars.]

Monsieur Benjamin [Newcomer; earned 3 stars.]

Mourad [Newcomer; earned 3 starsShares co-billing with sister restaurant Aziza, which Bauer tweeted is "not as glamorous" but has "excellent" food.]

Oso [Newcomer; earned 3 stars.]

Pabu [Newcomer; earned 3 stars.]

Press [Bumped to 3 stars in August on the strength of new chef Trevor Kunk.]

The Progress [Newcomer; earned 3 stars.]

Trick Dog [Earned 3 stars in 2013, but oddly didn't make the cut on last year's list.]

Trou Normand [Newcomer; earned 3 stars.]

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