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Crenn, Kinch, Patterson Playing Musical Kitchens With Other Top Chefs

For one night only, you could have Rene Redzepi, David Chang, or Magnus Nilsson making dinner.

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Cool-kids chef collective Gelinaz! announced back in April that it would be undertaking its most ambitious project yet: lining up 37 chefs from across the globe (including David Chang, Sean Brock, Ben Shewry, Rene Redzepi, and more), then randomly shuffling them into each other's kitchens for a single night (July 9), to prepare an eight-course tasting menu entirely from product available on-site (no checked goodies allowed). The biggest surprise for diners: they won't get to find out who made their meal until the end of the evening, meaning that anyone from Albert Adria to Massimo Bottura might be behind the stoves.

Three of the Bay Area's own chefs have decided to join the Gelinaz Grand Shuffle: Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn), David Kinch (Manresa), and Daniel Patterson (Coi). That means, come July 9, each of their three kitchens will be filled by top-notch, undisclosed visitors. Tickets for the event went on sale last week, and while all of NYC's seats have already been filled, spots remain available at the three Bay Area participants. The price tag (not including drinks or gratuity) varies by restaurant and is priced in Euros: the most intimate room, Atelier Crenn, is 280 (~$317), Manresa is 260 (~$295), and Coi is 245 (~$278). If that's too much freight to cover, we'll still keep you posted on which chefs end up making the trip to the Bay Area.

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