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Watch Pink Zebra's Chefs Eat Prime Rib and Get Drunk With Vice

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The latest in their "Chef's Night Out" series.

As is to be expected from two dudes who run a restaurant called Pink Zebra, chef Jesse Koide and sushi chef Ryo Sakai know how to party. So they were a natural fit for the latest outing of Vice Munchies' "Chef's Night Out" series, where, like Dominique Crenn, Stuart Brioza & Nicole Krasinski, and Daniel Patterson before them, they made an outright impressive eating tour of San Francisco. After popping Koide's pal's "rib cherry" at the House of Prime Rib, where Sakai managed to take down his whole plate of food in mere minutes, the crew (which also includes Koide's wife, Angela) heads over to the Alembic for still more beef (in the form of tartare and bone marrow), then gets sloppy with Pink Zebra's staff at the Lone Palm. Back at the ranch, Koide prepares an absolutely insane burrata-menchikatsu donburi for drunk sustenance. Go, watch.

Pink Zebra

3515 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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