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Brewcade Rearranging Its Games, Adding Board Games and Patio

A few little shakeups at the Castro arcade bar.

Patricia Chang

Ever since Brewcade, the Castro's new arcade bar, threw open its doors in December, it's been the subject of a major recurring complaint: that the numerous vintage arcade games are squeezed far too closely together in one section of the bar, making it difficult to get by those already absorbed in their gameplay. The bar's owners have heard the criticism, and are planning to respond by spreading out the games a bit more to give everyone elbow room, and alternating one- and two-player games to make it easier for players to squeak by. They're also adding panels on the front windows to deflect light and make it easier to see the screens as the days get longer.

Brewcade's new layout will debut on Monday, May 18 (it'll be done overnight, so as not to affect operating hours), along with another new addition to the Brewcade lineup: a 30-seat patio overlooking Market. Drinkers will be encouraged to take a break from the gaming grind with a drink outside, and bring in takeout from neighboring Hi-Tops if they feel like a more substantial meal than Brewcade's "munchie bar." To add to the entertainment factor, Brewcade is bringing in 20 classic board games, and has a new lineup of barrel-aged shots (made with liqueurs and amaro, in keeping with the bar's beer-and-wine-only liquor license) to complement its sizable beer selection. At the moment, the bar's owners say they have no plans to add new arcade machines to the 24-unit-strong mix, but we'll keep you posted if that changes.


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