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Mission Candy and Soda Shop,The Fizzary, Has Gone Flat

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The owners plan to sell the entire shebang for $25,000.

The Fizzary
The Fizzary
The Fizzary/Aaron Dolson

After shuttering their Haight Street location in the beginning of the year, it appears that co-owners Taylor Peck and Aaron Dolson have decided to close their Mission shop as well. The quirky soda and candy emporium has been open since 2012, offering a wide variety of candies and sodas, including Peck's own line of fizzy elixirs called Taylor's Tonics.

And while Peck had hoped to pursue a concept change at the Mission shop, with the possible addition of food, beer and a soda bar, the plans have now changed. Capp Street Crap shared the news via a Craigslist ad posted last week. According to the ad, the ownership will be focusing solely on their wholesale efforts and plan to sell the entire business for $25,000, including all inventory, fixtures and "secrets." Their food service permits, which allow a soda-bar and small bites, are also part of the deal.

Additionally, the lease includes the shop, warehouse and offices with the option of extra warehouse space and garage space for one car, meaning some lucky buyer could potentially live above the candy shop Willy Wonka-style.

UPDATE: According to Peck, plans to build out the "Taylor's Tonic botanical brewery" in the space did work out. However, the opportunity to join a co-op brewery project somewhere outside San Francisco has surfaced, thus the swift departure from their unique space on Mission Street. Stay tuned for more details on plans for the space.