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Free Poutine at Smoke's If the Warriors Win; A Plant-Based Italian Pop-Up From Citizen Fox

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Plus, eat like the characters of Silicon Valley and get in on a Japanese beer pairing at Ozumo Oakland.

Smoke's Poutinerie
Smoke's Poutinerie
Ariel Hayat

BERKELEY— Smoke's Poutinerie is giving away FREE boxes of their gravy-slathered, cheese curd-topped fries in honor of the Warriors. Head over after Game 6 for a celebratory bucket of snacks, which they'll be giving away for two hours following the game. [EaterWire]

MISSION— Chef Kevin Schuder's brick-and-mortar restaurant, Citizen Fox, is still months in the making. In the meantime, check out the Italian 2.0 Pop-up he's putting on at Naked Kitchen. As usual, the menu will be plant-based, featuring dishes like a compressed pluot crudo, plus an optional beer pairing from Rich Higgins. The dinner takes place Friday, June 19 at 6:30 p.m.; tickets available here. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO— The cast of the hit HBO show Silicon Valley might hit a little close to home in some tech circles in the Bay Area. Check out The Infatuation's amusing (and somewhat accurate) guide to the favorite dining destinations of the Pied Piper crew, from Soylent to Benu. [The Infatuation]

OAKLAND— Throughout the month of June, Ozumo Oakland is pairing a special six-course menu with Japanese micro brews. Dishes like marinated tofu with chrysanthemum pesto paired with a Kujukuri Ocean Weizen "White Ale" will be part of the special menu, which is in honor of "National Beer Week." [Eaterwire]