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Blue Bottle's New Sansome Street Cafe Now Open, Offering Coffee and Waffles

Huge windows, plentiful seating and an extensivel food menu are part of the draw.

Blue Bottle Sansome
Blue Bottle Sansome
Ellen Fort

Blue Bottle has opened its newest outpost on the corner of Sansome and Bush, as of today. This is the second opening for the company in the past month, following the unveiling of a cute and tiny kiosk-ish location around the corner from The Market on Market.

Luckily for denizens of the Financial District, this larger cafe comes with an extensive food menu of sandwiches and pastries, including their crave-worthy liege waffles. Drinks include the standard Blue Bottle offerings of pour-over coffee, espresso drinks and New Orleans iced coffees.

The newest location is something of a hybrid of the airy W.C. Morse cafe in Oakland and the bustling Mint Plaza location, offering high ceilings and plentiful seating. The historic building, built in 1912, was home to Cable Car Clothiers for almost sixty years, providing high-end apparel to San Francisco society. Popular among the "most dapper" members of San Francisco society, their inventory included high-end shaving supplies, three-piece suits and other upscale frippery. Now it's a magnet for "dapper" San Franciscans, though one should expect to see more skinny jeans than trousers. Aside from the clientele, there's plenty to ogle about the new space, including huge windows, an original tiled floor and beautiful crown moulding throughout.

Blue Bottle Sansome

115 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA