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Baker Ry Stephen OUT at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

The talented baker has not given a reason for his sudden departure.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Mr. Holmes Bakehouse/Facebook

In a shocking turn of events, Ry Stephen, the man behind the brilliant pastries from Mr. Homes Bakehouse, has left the wildly popular bakery. According to San Francisco Magazine, the baker has not given a reason for his departure from the business. Former co-owner Aaron Caddel is remaining tightlipped on the subject, saying "Mr. Holmes and Ry Stephen have decided to go our separate ways," though he indicated the bakery would stay open. Additionally, designer Aron Tzimas, the creative mastermind behind Mr. Holmes' super-instagrammable style and online presence, has also parted ways with the company for unknown reasons.

The bakery, which opened last November, shot to instant notoriety after a mysterious robbery, with the still unknown thieves leaving cash and expensive equipment by the wayside in favor of Stephen's collection of recipes. At the time, Caddel was quoted as saying "They'd be hard to knock off, but if someone could duplicate Ry's really obsessive techniques, they might be able to make it happen." In the wake of his partner's departure, the incredible talent required to produce Mr. Holmes' trove of pastries will certainly be tested.

Stay tuned for more details on the ultimate fate of the bakery's cruffins, croissants, and brioche doughnuts.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

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