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A Mexico City Dinner at Doña Tomas; Rib-Flavored Truffles from Kollar Chocolates

Plus, Luke's Local has the good for the holiday weekend and La Ciccia and La Nebbia are closing for summer break.

Doña Tomas
Doña Tomas
Doña Tomas

OAKLAND— Tomorrow, July 1, Doña Tomas is offering a special prix fixe menu inspired by Mexico City. Dishes like heirloom tomato and watermelon soup, seared foie gras stuffed ancho chile and roasted pineapple with cajeta and crema are part of the line-up, which is $55 for five courses. And for those who aren't familiar, they have an exceedingly pleasant garden patio out back, perfect for enjoying some East Bay weather. [EaterWire]

YOUNTVILLE— Kollar Chocolates has created a special fourth of July truffle filled with a spiced rib rub center and coated with potato chips and dark chocolate, which is basically the work of a madman. The patriotic chocolates are available at their Yountville shop. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO— Luke's Local is letting lazy fourth of July hosts off the hook. Order up flowers, BN Ranch hot dogs, burger-making kits, marinated chicken and pies, delivered to the sanctity of your backyard (or fire escape or living room floor). [EaterWire]

NOE VALLEY— FYI, restaurant folks need a break sometimes, too. Noe Valley Italian restaurants La Nebbia and La Ciccia are taking a summer break, from now until Wednesday, July 22. [Tablehopper]