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5 Glorious Snacks and Drinks Celebrating the Golden State Warriors

Eat sausages and ice cream sundaes to support your team.

Winning makes fans hungry.
Winning makes fans hungry.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Reviver

Where: Rafael Jimenez at Urchin Bistrot

What: A blue and gold take on the classic corpse reviver cocktail, from Urchin Bistrot's Rafael Jimenez. Gin, blue curacao, cocchi Americano and a splash of absinthe will keep the spirit alive during the Warrior's Championship run.

[Photo: Urchin Bistrot]

Fenton's Golden State Sundae

Where: Fenton's Creamery

What: This melty mountain of Warriors spirit is on offer just in time for game day. A slice of white sponge cake is topped with cream caramel almond crunch and toasted almond ice creams, topped with hot caramel, whipped cream and blue and gold sprinkles. Not only will it provide a sugar high, but the proceeds benefit the Lawrnece Hall of Sciences' youth programs.

[Photo: Fenton's Creamery]

The Dub (Grub) Nation Menu

Where: The Pasta Shop
What: Chef Miller of Oakland's The Pasta Shop is an avid, OG Warriors fan. To celebrate the NBA Play Offs, he's put together a top-notch "Dub (Grub) Nation" menu of items to take home and eat during the games. Choose from MVP Steph Chicken Curry, Spinach & Cabbage Klay Sauté. Lee-mon rice and a whole lot more.

[Photo: The Pasta Shop]

Steph Curry Sausage

Where: 4505 Meats Butcher Shop
What: This meaty treat is composed of ground chicken thighs and skin, with a dry yellow curry rub of turmeric, mustard powder, chili and cumin. They're only making small batches per each game, so make sure to stop by early on game day.

[Photo: 4505 Butcher]

The Golden State:

Where: Locanda

What: Locanda will be screening Game 1 and serving up The Golden State cocktail for $10. This tequila-based cocktail also contains mezcal and amaro, the perfect combination to keep spirits high during a heated play off game.

[Photo: Locanda]