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Introducing eatsa, The Financial District's Upcoming Quinoa Emporium

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All meals are chock full of quinoa and only cost $6.95


San Francisco's lunch options continue to evolve with the imminent opening of eatsa, a "fully-automated fast food experience" headed to the Rincon Building this summer. This will be the flagship location of the restaurant, which will offer super-fast, healthy food options to the malnourished, office-working masses.

The idea is to kick burgers, burritos and expensive salads to the curb, by taking meat and cashiers out of the equation and offering healthier, quinoa-based meals at $6.95. Basically, they're creating a brave new world of cashier-less fast food, which cuts down on quite a bit of overhead, as well as time (though there will be a "check-in concierge on hand to answer questions). Diners place an order with a virtual cashier (an iPad) and pick up their order from a wall of glass door "cubbies." When an order is ready, the cubby door alerts the customer by displaying personalized graphics and opens on command. Love it or hate it, the machines are taking over. But on the bright side, you'll be able to grab a healthy lunch at lightning speed.

The menu is completely quinoa-based and meat-free, intended to address some of the global issues created by animal-based proteins (you know, like drought). According to their website, quinoa production requires 1/30th the amount of energy to produce animal protein. The resulting enlightened menu includes items like the No Worry Curry, a stir fry-style quinoa with arugula, curried parsnip strips, pickled onions, roasted potatoes, apple-cabbage slaw, red Thai curry and spaghetti squash. And for the burrito addicts out there, they'll also offer a take on the lunchtime gut-torpedo in the form of a quinoa bowl full of lemon-herb quinoa, salsa, grilled corn, queso Mexicano, tortilla chips, guac, pinto beans and grilled Portabello mushroom.

Though this is the first location of the tech-savvy restaurant, the company plans to open two more California locations by the end of the year. Expect an opening in mid-July, when eatsa will be open for lunch and dinner Monday – Friday from 10:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.


121 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA