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Provender, A Tiny, Espresso-Fueled Coffee Shop, to Open in Potrero Hill

Espresso drinks are the main attraction, along with the Ferrari brothers' signature maple-infused cold brew coffee.


Provender, a coffee shop from Hillside Supper Club owner Tony Ferrari and his brother Austin Ferrari, is headed to Potrero Hill.

The petite, 300 square-foot space is inspired by the brothers' upbringing as part of an Italian family, where espresso is consumed multiple times a day. "We're coffee guys," said Ferrari. "Our dad is from Italy, so we grew up drinking tons of espresso." As a result, the coffee menu, using Sightglass coffee exclusively, will be very focused on espresso drinks, although drip coffee will also be available. They've also concocted a signature drink called The Maplewood, which is a cold brew coffee that is strained, poured over ice with milk, maple syrup and a dash of pure maple extract for a smokey, sweet flavor.

"When we visit our family in Italy, they make stovetop espresso with brown sugar that's like jet fuel. They drink it all day long."

The brothers decided to act on the idea they'd been toying with for years when the space, previously occupied by Baked, opened up earlier this year. Along with friends and partners Aran Healy (of neighboring Ruby Wine Company) and Dave Tullis (who built out the space), they've crafted a "tiny, simple coffee shop," serving a very abbreviated menu of lunch foods and in-house pastries. Since the concept is really about the coffee, the menu will be limited to a one leaf salad, one grain salad, a vegetarian sandwich, a meat sandwich and one soup, all of which will change with the seasons. Given the lack of seating inside, everything is on a to-go basis, though coffee drinkers can linger along the bar if they so desire.

Provender opens officially this Saturday, June 13. Hours will be Tuesday-Sunday from 8 a.m.- 7 p.m.