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Welcome to San Francisco Cheap Eats Week 2015

It's a whole week dedicated to finding and consuming the best cheap eats in the Bay Area.

Glen Photo

San Francisco is known for its skyrocketing cost of living, from totally insane rents to the country's most expensive tasting menus. But this week, Eater is focusing on the backbone of any urban environment: cheap eats. From bacon-wrapped street dogs to tamales from a cooler (yes you, Tamale Lady) to the best dumplings in Chinatown, there is plenty of cheap food to be found in the Bay Area. For the next five days we'll be highlighting favorites, digging up new spots and showcasing the people that make it all happen. Stay tuned for maps, photos and recommendations galore. Check out all the good stuff in one place, here.

And, if you're feeling really feisty, join The Contest. Eater NY has concocted the ultimate eating challenge, in which each participant will attempt to eat three restaurant meals per day for the low, low price of $10 per day. If you're up to the challenge, join The Contest over in the forums and let 'er rip!