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Brewcade Temporarily Closed After Catching Heat From Hecho's Kitchen

There were no injuries reported, but everyone at both restaurants was evacuated.

Patricia Chang

Last night around 7:30 p.m. a small fire broke out inside the wall that separates Hecho and Brewcade on Market Street. According to a Brewcade employee who spoke with Hoodline, the Fire Department got a call after smoke could be seen coming from the walls.

According to Brewcade's own press release this morning, SFFD investigators concluded the incident started when radiant heat from Hecho's kitchen caused the wood inside the wall to catch fire. Both restaurants were evacuated while fire fighters tore open the wall to get at the fire, but there were no injuries reported. It appears that all of Brewcade's arcade cabinets were also unscathed, but it seems safe to assume somebody must have lost an extra life in the evacuation. The bar will be closed for the next 2-3 business days while they clean up the debris.

It's unfortunate, but a statement from Brewcade says they're working with their neighbors in the new building at 2200 Market Street to make sure things don't get heated again.


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