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More Details on Gardenias, Coming Soon From the Team Behind Woodward's Garden

A large-scale rotisserie, wines on tap and a garden patio are some of the highlights.

Future Site of Gardenias
Future Site of Gardenias

More details are available on Gardenias, the highly anticipated new project from the ladies behind Woodward's Garden.

According to co-owners Dana Tommasino and Margie Conard, the new restaurant will host a large, commercial rotisserie inherited from the space's former tenants, Roostertail. Despite a penchant for fresh produce, the new menu will include some meatier items like whole herb-stuffed goat or lamb and other rotisserie-loving proteins like fowl, pork and fish. The duo hopes to offer a wide variety of small plates, as well as more substantial entrées, to suit the casual to upscale dining crowds that frequent Pacific Heights. Also of note: there is an enclosed, garden patio for additional seating, that will include some of the restaurant's namesake flowers.

Additionally, the space is set up for wines on tap, something Tommasino and Conrad have had their eye on for years— it also opens up the possibility to creating special Gardenias wine blends with local wineries. And in the spirit of Woodward's Garden's past as the host of dinners featuring book readings and artists, Gardenias will also act as an event space. Tommasino will curate the events, which have included authors like Cheryl Strayed and Rebecca Solnit in the past.

The opening is currently set for mid-July, offering dinner six nights per week to start, then expanding to weekend brunch and possibly lunch, with the possibility of soft-opening as early as next week.


1963 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA