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Preview the Menu at Mister Jiu's, the Upcoming Chinatown Restaurant from Brandon Jew

Expect an opening in early 2016.

Future Home of Mister Jiu's
Future Home of Mister Jiu's
Matt the Ogre/Flickr

Progress has been slow but steady on Mister Jiu's, the upcoming Chinatown restaurant from chef Brandon Jew (formerly of Bar Agricole). At the time of Eater's last update, the restaurant had just signed a deal to take over the lease of the Four Seas restaurant at 731 Grant St. Now the restaurant, which is named after the original, pre-immigration spelling of Jew's family name, is currently under construction. And after several unforeseen upgrades and structural issues, and readjusting the timeline constantly over the past year, Jew now estimates an opening in late 2015 or early 2016.

However, luckily for fans of Jew's food, there's currently an opportunity to preview some of the dishes he's been developing for the restaurant, through Din (formerly known as Forage). Din operates along the lines of other meal delivery startups (like Blue Apron or Plated) by delivering pre-measured meal ingredients, but focuses on premium ingredients and creative restaurant dishes from chefs like Chris Cosentino (Cockscomb), and Nick Balla and Cortney Burns (Bar Tartine).

Jew says that all the construction delays have given him plenty of time to really fine-tune his vision for the restaurant, something that is evident in his dishes for Din. "I want people to understand how simple Chinese food can be, and how easy it is to make at home," says Jew. "As a future restaurant owner, I've always been focused on creating community and getting people around the table— it's the most valuable thing a restaurant can give. I think encouraging people to make food for themselves is definitely part of that." As for Mister Jiu's menu, expect plenty of fresh, seasonal Chinese food like smoked tofu with yuba, corn, shiitake mushrooms and greens, and corn egg drop soup.

Mister Jiu's dishes will be available for delivery through Friday, July 24; the last day to order is Wednesday, July 22. Check out the full menu here.

Mister Jiu's

731 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA