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SPiN, a 'Ping Pong Social Club' From Susan Sarandon, Will Bounce Into SOMA This Winter

The ping pong emporium will have two bars, a kitchen and 16 tables of 'pong.

690 Folsom Street
690 Folsom Street
Charles S. Bloszies

Things are looking up for the adult children of San Francisco, as part-owner and Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon brings SPiN, the self-described "ping pong social club," restaurant and bar to town.

That's right, Susan Sarandon is involved with a "ping pong social club," and it's headed to SoMa sometime this winter. The New York-based franchise has six other locations around the world, including Toronto, LA, Belgium and Chicago (due this fall). San Francisco, the obvious sixth choice for a ping pong club, will no doubt embrace the "mixture of sport, design and entertainment" that has been successful in other game-focused businesses like Urban Putt, Mission Bowling and Oakland's Plank.

According to Inside Scoop, SPiN will ricochet into 690 Folsom Street, the very cool, futuristic building at the corner of Folsom and Third Street, complete with two bars, a kitchen, multiple private rooms and 16 ping pong tables. Though the franchise requires that each location feature a bar, restaurant and at least 12,000 feet of usable space, the food varies at each location. (For some indication of the type of food, at least, here's a look at their catering menu.) However, the full bar with cocktails is guaranteed, which seems like a very important component. That means it will be a 21+ venue at night, though all ages are welcome during the day; tables can be booked by the hour or with group rates.

If SPiN NYC is any indication, expect plenty of model-types playing table tennis in short-shorts, Justin Bieber decimating Action Bronson at the table and general vibe of clubbiness and debauchery.