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Hamlet, a New Spot from the Team Behind Caskhouse, Headed to Former Horner's Corner

The new spot will be bigger than Caskhouse, with cocktails.

After a little over a year in business, Horner's Corner (formerly Noe's Bar/Bassos) closed its doors in Noe Valley this past May. The bar opened in early 2014 from a promising group of restaurateurs, including Ivor bradley of The Creamery, offering a sports bar/pub feel, a selection of craft beers on tap and weekend brunch. The concept never took off however, failing to capture the interest of the neighborhood.

Now, as Noe Valley SF reports, the bar and restaurant has been sold to John Dampeer, owner of neighboring Caskhouse. Dampeer says the new spot will be called Hamlet, a reference to the small town feel that still clings to Noe Valley. And because the space is much larger than Caskhouse, Dampeer has big plans. In the next few months the space will receive a new bar, floor and overall layout. And the kitchen, which is already equal in size to the entirety of petite Caskhouse, will get even larger, taking over a back seating area to create a large kitchen and prep space. Plus, Hamlet will take over a full liquor license, which Dampeer intends to take advantage of with a "carefully curated" cocktail program.

The deal to purchase Horner's Corner recently closed, but Dampeer projects an early fall opening— end of September, if all goes according to plan. Stay tuned for more details along the way.