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Hashiri, a Hyper-Seasonal Sushi and Kaiseki Restaurant, Is Headed to Mint Plaza

The team behind Keiko à Nob Hill will consult on the project.

4 Mint Plaza
4 Mint Plaza

Following the announcement of chef Jason Fox's second restaurant, Oro, the Mint Plaza dining scene continues to heat up with the addition of Hashiri, a high-end Japanese restaurant that is slated for the former Chez Papa Resto space in October.

Inside Scoop reports that the restaurant is an outpost of a Tokyo restaurant of the same name. However, the San Francisco project has pulled on Seigo Takei and Keiko Takahashi of Keiko à Nob Hill to lend their expertise to the project, which Takei says will have "a fine dining price point." And staying true to both San Francisco and Japan's seasonal sensibilities, the Japanese word 'hashiri' refers to the first appearance of seasonal food items that are eagerly awaited by Japanese diners (like fish or produce).

Though the chef and kitchen lineup is still under wraps, the Michelin-starred duo has confirmed that they will help to build an extensive, Burgundy-focused wine list, alongside a full bar stocked with sake and Japanese Whiskey. The restaurant is hoping for an October opening, not long after Oro's "late summer" debut.


4 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA