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Polk Street Trades Trendy Froyo for Even Trendier Acai Bowls

More superfoods headed to Russian Hill and the Marina.

Vitality Bowl
Vitality Bowl
Vitality Bowls

Looks like froyo is losing ground to the next big thing in frozen items. As we reported in March, the açai bowl trend continues to gain traction in San Francisco, with the addition of three more locations of the San Ramon-based chain Vitality Bowls.

The first location has already opened in the Rincon Building, serving up their frozen superfoods to nutrient-starved office workers. The bowls themselves are based around acai berries, frozen and blended with a variety of other mix-ins  like bananas, kale, almonds and so on. Sandwiches, salads, smoothies and a fresh juice bar are also part of the healthy offerings.

Now Vitality Bowl has confirmed that one of the remaining two locations will open in the former Yoppi Frozen Yogurt spot at 2125 Polk Street (the other is still slated for an undisclosed storefront on Chestnut Street). However, proposed locations are currently on hold as they wait for conditional use permits from San Francisco. And although the Rincon location is more of an in-and-out operation, both of the forthcoming locations will offer more seating, wifi and TVs as part of their appeal. Stay tuned for more information on the Chestnut Street location.