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1300 on Fillmore's David Lawrence to Debut Black Bark BBQ This Fall

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The 'cue spot hopes to open in September.

Black Bark BBQ
Black Bark BBQ
David Lawrence/Facebook

Thankfully, it looks like the rumors are true: David Lawrence and Monetta White, the husband-and-wife owners of 1300 on Fillmore, will open a barbecue spot directly across the street from their flagship restaurant.

According to the liquor license (and the lovely window signage) the name will be Black Bark, a reference to the dark, mouth-watering crust that develops after smoking meat for hours and hours. Billed as "urban barbecue," the chef promises plenty of homemade sauce, sides, local beers and sustainable meats— a windfall, in a city that craves serious barbecue, and a return to the Fillmore's roots. With the addition of neighboring dining hotspots like State Bird Provisions and The Progress, the neighborhood has certainly seen some changes. However, according to his signage, Lawrence is "bringing barbecue back to the Fillmore," a reference to a time when barbecue ruled the street, many decades ago.

The timeline is tentatively set for a September opening, so stay tuned for details on the menu, decor and more.

Black Bark

1325 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA