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Olive Garden Truck Rolls Into Town, Brings Insane Breadstick Sandwiches Along for the Ride

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Get a taste of the Italian chain's new menu item: saucy sandwiches with breadstick buns.


Remember that one time when Olive Garden sent a huge food truck around the country to give away free sandwiches made of their unlimited breadsticks? No? Well, it's happening right now in the Bay Area, apparently.

In an effort to promote their sassy new menu offering, Olive Garden is traveling the country as part of their "Breadstick Nation" tour, handing out free breadstick sandwiches and good will to all who show up (until supplies run out). The sandwiches hit Olive Garden menus June 1, transforming normal breadsticks into meatball and chicken parm sandwiches. (Side note: the sandwiches also come with unlimited breadsticks.)

They've already brought their buttery, garlicky creations to Pier 39 and the Alameda County Fair, but they're not done with us quite yet. The truck will make one more stop at AT&T Park (Lefty O'Doul Plaza) on Wednesday, July 8 from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

And, if you miss the chance for a free taste, you can always head over San Francisco's solo Olive Garden location in the Stonestown Mall for a full on breadstick bonanza.