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What the Bands and Artists Ate at Outside Lands 2015

Dying to know what kept G Eazy, Ben Harper and Foreverland going? Here's this.

Cameron Neilson

This weekend, while you were busy dropping cyber bills at Wine Lands and dancing to Kendrick Lamar on the roof of a restroom, the artists and bands were eating. Read on for details on some of the legal things they consumed.

- Local rapper G Eazy ordered brown rice teriyaki bowls, shishito peppers and pork gyoza from the Glaze Teriyaki stand on Friday night.

- Raj + Singh got a ticket for "what they believe was a chicken tikka masala naan wrap for The Family Crest."

- The American Grilled Cheese Co. fed Foreverland.

- The Nombe truck says that Sam Smith visited on Sunday for a veggie ramenburger and avocado fries. They almost didn't take Smith's order because the line was 45 minutes deep.

- Dylan McNiven of Woodhouse Fish Co. personally delivered lobster rolls to Chet Faker and Ben Harper's dressing rooms, per the artists' requests.

- Glaze Teriyaki catered backstage for Kendrick Lamar, who was spotted eating both chicken and salmon teriyaki with his crew on Saturday.

Did you happen to catch any other musicians getting their grub on at the festival? If so, hit us up on the tipline.

Now, dig into some food-related Instagram highlights from the weekend that was:

@outside_lands #OLFoodWalk #outsidelands

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Chicken and waffles from The Little Skillet. Yes please. #OLFoodWalk #Festivaleeeeeats #OLFood

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