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Everything We Wish We’d Eaten at Last Weekend’s SF Street Food Festival

With over 100 vendors, it's impossible to eat every single thing.

SF Street Food Festival
SF Street Food Festival
Kassie Borreson/SFSFF

The annual San Francisco Street Food Festival is irresistible for obvious reasons, mainly: 100 vendors serving everything from tacos to dumplings to seafood made by some of the Bay Area's top chefs. The only problem is that despite every effort, it's pretty much impossible to taste every single thing on offer. Here are 15 dishes that have us wishing we could go back for just one more day.

Did we miss something great? Tell us all of your must-eats in the comments.

1. The Best Damn Cheeseburger & the Frankaroni from 4505 Meats
Because the best part of being a grown up is never have to choose between fried macaroni and cheese with a hot dog inside and a quarter pound beef patty with secret sauce on a buttered bun.

A photo posted by 4505 Meats (@4505meats) on

2. Fish tacos from Cholita Linda
Crispy fried fish, cabbage, baja crema, and a squeeze of lime. Total street food perfection.

Fish tacos from @cholita_linda

A photo posted by @streetfoodsf on

3. Carne asada fries from Fritas Shack
They're French fries. Topped with carne asada, shredded cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and cotija cheese. Where were these when we were in college?

4. Bacon cheeseburger lumpia from The Lumpia Company
Filipino style egg rolls filled with bacon cheeseburger and happiness. Straight outta Oakland and directly into our mouths, please.

5. BBQ on a stick from Antonik's BBQ
Everything tastes better on a stick, especially when it's Antonik's BBQ pork and chicken.

6. Beef pho rolls from Rice Paper Scissors
You know it's a perfect bite when you need six of them.

Best thing at the festival: Beef Pho Rolls (#RicePaperScissors #SFSFF)

A photo posted by @areohbeezy on

7. Fried chicken sandwich from Wayfare Tavern
Batman & Robin... Simon & Garfunkel... Calvin & Hobbes... There have been many amazing duos throughout time. And it appears that now we can add the fried chicken from Wayfare Tavern & Williams-Sonoma's chipotle drizzle to that prestigious list.

8. Ramen burger from Nombe
Would you like ramen or a hamburger? Trick question: thanks to Nombe, now you don't have to choose!

Miso ramen burger #sfsff #nombe

A photo posted by mt (@yungthaii) on

9. "Churro" Kouign Amann Sandwich from Frozen Kuhsterd
Roll a caramelized croissant in cinnamon sugar, put a scoop of frozen custard in the middle, and then eat the whole thing because why the hell not?

Frozen Kuhsterd! Cookie monster w/ toasted almonds | SF Street Food Festival

A photo posted by Lisa Trần (@lisaptran) on

10. Al pastor tacos from El Pipila
Pork perfection from one of La Cocina's entrepreneurs who creates authentic artisanal food from Guanajuato using local ingredients. Yes, please!

A photo posted by Brenda Ton Linkous (@nerb) on

11. Smokey pork and cabbage potstickers from Chino
These were served at "Dumpling Island," which sounds exactly like the kind of island we'd like to be stuck on for a week or fifteen.

12. Kuy tio phnom penh from Nyum Bai
Rice noodles in pork broth with crispy garlic, slow cooked pork, sprouted mung beans, cilantro, scallions, and mom's hot sauce. Another slurp-worthy creation from one of La Cocina's brilliant chefs.

13. Lemon ricotta zeppole from Girl Friday Zeppole
The toughest part about getting Girl Friday Zeppoles is deciding between sweet and savory. Probably just get six of each.

Lemon Ricotta Zeppole with vanilla bean dipping sauce from @girlfriday_sf at #SFSFF. Can I have 50 more please??

A photo posted by Dafna | Stellina Sweets (@stellinasweets) on

14. Spam musubi from 'Aina
Now this is the kind of spam we wish we got every day.

15. This burger mashup from Kronnerburger and 4505 Meats.
Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.