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Richie Nakano and Telmo Faria to Throw Down in Epic Food Fight

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It's all going down at Feastly’s first Food Fight Club next month.

Okay, so when Richie Nakano (IDK, Hapa Ramen) and Telmo Faria (Uma Casa, Tacolicious) get into their food fight next month, it won't involve throwing spaghetti and mashed potatoes across the room at each other (or WILL it?), but it will involve an epic head-to-head battle where the notable chefs each cook a four-course dinner in a dual open-kitchen with the diners deciding who takes home the title of Food Fight Club Champ.

This is SF-based startup Feastly's first event in their new monthly series of local cooking competitions called Food Fight Club that they promise is going to be "insanely fun." The prize? A champion's belt, of course. But more important: lifetime bragging rights.

The chefs will prepare their first couple of courses in advance, but will only learn the ingredients for the main course when the secret box is revealed during welcome cocktails. Faria says he hopes the box contains salt cod, "not because I'm Portuguese, but because I think people secretly want four courses of fish jerky." Nakano, on the other hand says, "If the box could contain ramen noodles and a stock I made the day before, that would be great."

The Food Fight will include 8-courses and cocktails sponsored by St. Georges Spirits. Guests can expect the chefs to get a little rowdy as they too will be imbibing. Faria can't guarantee he'll win the competition, but says, "I definitely plan on beating Richie at drinking St. Georges whiskey." Not one to back down from a little trash talk, Nakano says that while Telmo is "a model human" and "also handsome and kind... There's no way he can drink more whiskey than me."

Want to help judge and find out which chef wins the whiskey throw down? Tickets are on sale for $125, but there are only 30 seats and it will sell out quickly. In the meantime, follow Richie Nakano (@linecook) and Telmo Faria (@ChefTelmo) as the smack talk leading up to the battle begins and to learn more about their latest SF pop-ups.

The first Food Fight Club kicks off on Sunday, September 20 at 6:30 p.m. in North Beach.